New Web Site Consulting

Written by Daniel Städeli

9. September 2016

Content of the conversation

to their new Web site
-Record wishes and needs
-Offer discuss if it has already been created
-What do we need them
-Technical requirements if any

Duration: approx. 30 minutes
Contact: Via phone, Skype or video conference
Consultant: Daniel Städeli, CEO and founder of SeriousWeb
Costs: USD 100.- the cost of this advice will be credited in the Web design project.

Their preparation:
Please send 24 h us before the date of the link on your current website (if any) and photos of its logo, its main products, brochures, etc. As we know more about it, the better we can help you succeed.

Our products portfolio

-Design of professional websites
-Advertise your brand, presentation of their products in the best light
-Webshop (automated processes, order, payment, delivery, reviews, Dasboard, indicators, etc.)

Tools for the more efficient cooperation with your customers:

-Online appointments
-CRM (customer account with master data, issue management / support, etc.)
-Customer acquisition
-Document distribution
-Learning management system (employee and customer training, sell you their teaching content)
-Event management with ticketing (events/spaces/tickets)
-Podcasts & video

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