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Short video tutorial to be registered as a company on Google maps itself.

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Another great infographic! Babyboomers want a call, Gen X-ers want to email, Gen-Y/Millennials want a text message. Don't leave anyone out of your group communications!


Marketing consulting

Your goal

Sell more services and products with smart Online Marketing! We are the right partner for savy entrepreneurs who want to achieve a lot.

To have any chance of success nowadays, all internet platforms must play together harmoniously: A professional Web site, effective presence in social media, SEO optimization, email marketing leading to a purchase, excellent products of reviews, and much more. We market your products, company profile and story in a professional manner to give you the best shot at success.

A relatively small investment in your online presence usually pays off in a fairly short time.

What we can contribute to the solution

-Design of a professional website
-Design of featured Product pages and Landing Pages
-CRM/ordering processes
-Email marketing system
-FaceBook campaigns
-Google Optimization (SEO) and Google ads
-Graphics – and video editing
-Creation of small marketing videos
-Logo and branding
-Producte branding
-Alternative sales channels

Initial consultation

-brief analysis of current marketing activities of your company. What have you tried already?
-note your desires and ambitions
-discuss possible strategies. Which items have you already covered, where can we add or improve something to bring it in harmony with each other?

The consultation includes a written analysis summary with recommendations on how you can improve your market presence and get closer to your goals.

Duration: approx. 45-60 minutes
Contact: Via phone, Skype or video conference
Consultant: Daniel Städeli, CEO and founder of SeriousWeb

Your preparation:
Please send us 48h before your appointment a the link of your current website (if any), photos, your logo, main products, brochures, etc. The more we know about you, the better we can help you succeed.

New Web Site Consulting

Content of the conversation

to their new Web site
-Record wishes and needs
-Offer discuss if it has already been created
-What do we need them
-Technical requirements if any

Duration: approx. 30 minutes
Contact: Via phone, Skype or video conference
Consultant: Daniel Städeli, CEO and founder of SeriousWeb
Costs: USD 100.- the cost of this advice will be credited in the Web design project.

Their preparation:
Please send 24 h us before the date of the link on your current website (if any) and photos of its logo, its main products, brochures, etc. As we know more about it, the better we can help you succeed.

Our products portfolio

-Design of professional websites
-Advertise your brand, presentation of their products in the best light
-Webshop (automated processes, order, payment, delivery, reviews, Dasboard, indicators, etc.)

Tools for the more efficient cooperation with your customers:

-Online appointments
-CRM (customer account with master data, issue management / support, etc.)
-Customer acquisition
-Document distribution
-Learning management system (employee and customer training, sell you their teaching content)
-Event management with ticketing (events/spaces/tickets)
-Podcasts & video

Online marketing confusion?

The latest and greatest marketing buzz words can sometimes make US feel overwhelmed: social persona, search engine marketing, contextual marketing, cost per click, social media sentiment analysis, geotargeting, and many more. One big Marketing Confusion. Savy marketing gurus come up with new terminology almost daily to try and sell us new tools and new services promising to boost our sales.

How in the world is the fittest entrepreneur supposed to know what all this means and how to take advantage in the midst of this Marketing Confusion? Are you really missing out on something if your online setup is not tuned to these new concepts? 

Does it really make a difference?

We believe you need to consider every option to increase the chances of selling more of your products – online or in the store – to bring more customers to your local store and to get your brand know to the ends of the earth. And if this includes the latest marketing fad – then let it use it to our benefit!

We want to partner with you. Say Goodbye to Marketing Confusion, we’ve got your back! Schedule your appointment online today to get started. 

I want to get started!

In the way that same we may be experts on every detail of your business you can’t be expected to know the in the and outs of online marketing techniques. That of why it is important to find the right partners; someone you can trust with your marketing needs, someone who can take on your project holistically, who understands the marketing world as well as having the technical expertise to implement it accordingly.

To goal is that people get the message: your product rocks and your company has a unique place to fulfill the needs of customers. If it translates into more revenue for you it will be a win-win for both of US.

Contact US today to together start an amazing journey!

Here, you can book an appointment for a consultation:

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