Improve YouTube Ranking for your Video Productions

Written by Daniel Städeli

27. June 2017

Improve YouTube Ranking

Every Video Producer would strive to have a Ranking on YouTube as high as possible to get more viewers, more likes, more business and get the message to more people out there. The following key points are important to consider when producing videos.

Audience retention and Total Watch Time

  • Audience retention is very important. If viewers leave your video half way, this would count negatively against your YouTube ranking, but consider the next point as well:
  • Total watch time is what counts. If you have a million viewers a month that watch the first minute of your 10 minute video, you still have 1 million minutes of watch time, which would be pretty good.
    YouTube wants people to stay glued to their videos as long as possible, so they can sell more advertising time – it’s as simple as that. Therefore YouTube will place the videos that promise longer watch time higher up on the search results.

Get Viewers excited right away

  • Use the first 15 seconds of your Video to create the greatest impact.
  • The PPP method should be applied within the first 15 seconds: Preview – Proof – Preview
    Tell viewers immediately what your video is about, then show some proof that your information works/is worth their while, then continue with a preview of what they will see or learn later on in the video.
  • Give viewers a feeling right away of what they’d miss if they didn’t stay to the end.
  • In short, you want to get viewers excited right away and keep them glued to the screen.

Use keywords correctly

  • Place the keywords you want to be found with in the title of your video
  • Include the keywords in the file name and tags
  • Say/Speak your keywords during the video a couple of times (without being spammy). YouTube will actually analyze each video and detect audio content.
  • It probably helps to use the same keyword in your blog post where you will link the video and optimize SEO accordingly

Get more user interaction

  • Towards the end of the video ask viewers for likes
  • Ask viewers to comment and subscribe to your channel
  • More interaction with your video translates into better ranking on YouTube

Don’t forget to…

  • Create custom thumbnails for your video that distinguishes you from the competition clearly.
  • Use the same colors, logo, background on all thumbnails so people immediately recognize it’s you
  • include the current year and re upload/update this information the next year. If your videos are outdated, they will fall back in ranking.
  • You may want to hire a professional Video Marketer to bring your message to the most amount of people in a professional way? SeriousWeb can help you!

What are your thoughts and experience on this? Did I forget anything that should be included in this list? Please comment below and like/share this article.

Daniel Städeli is a WebDesigner and Online Marketing Consultant. His concern for customers is to give them a 360 perspective for their internet projects so that every aspect fits together into one beautiful image and no energy is going without it’s rewards.

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