• Email marketing is essentially the online version of direct mail. Instead of sending fliers and coupons to a customer’s home, email marketing sends those same items digitally to a customer’s inbox.
  • Whereas the impact of direct mail can be difficult to track, email marketing lets businesses see exactly who is opening their mail and which emails are leading to sales.
  • Businesses can use email marketing in a variety of ways, from building brand loyalty and finding new customers to encouraging loyalty and repeat business.
  • With email marketing, you have a choice of do-it-yourself software or full service agencies like SeriousWeb that do all of the work for you.


Benefits of a Professional Email Marketing System

Easily win new Subscribers
You can win new subscribers (=potential customers) that sign up to your mailing list on your web site, via Facebook or through an order they have made on your Web Shop – with no effort on your part. You can request a daily summary to keep on top of these activities.
Unsubscribe Feature
Subscribers can unsubscribe at any time from you mailing list. How is this an advantage, you may ask? There will be people who are getting your E-Mails, who do not want to receive them any longer.  In fact some people may get upset about receiving too many Emails in their inbox. You would want to avoid this type of customer who could mark you as spam simply because they had a bad day or because they are bothered with emails they do not want to receive. Anti-spam systems share this information and if enough recipients report the same message as spam many more people do not receive your email. Providing a link to unsubscribe or even to “report as spam” (which is better than reporting to an external anti-spam server) is a much better solution. And besides, if a subscriber knows that he can quit receiving these emails at any time, he might decide to receive them for a little longer, especially if your emails are interesting.
Segregate Customers by Interest
Let your subscribers choose what type of information they are interested in and then target them according to that information. This will be much more effective, since every time they receive an Email from you, it will be something worth reading. The Email Marketing System Strategy will allow us to set up interest groups / product groups / mailing frequency, etc to your liking.
Automated Email Set Up
If you sell online products, you can improve customer loyalty and repeat business massively by using Automated Emails (see the 3/47/50 rule). For example: If a visitor to your Web Shop has added products in the shopping cart but then he didn’t go through with the purchase, you can remind him about the items that he originally intended to purchase. Some companies send up to 5 emails on abandoned shopping carts in order to close the sale! If you have no system in place to contact those customers automatically, you will miss those sales. An additional benefit to our “Automated Email System Set Up” is the ability to send a message automatically several days after delivery of the items to ask if everything was ok and invite the customer to review your product. This is extremely important as we set up the Web Shop for you – product reviews provide confidence for other visitors to help close future sales.
Professional Email Design
This Mailing Software is designed by professionals, who know the Ins and Outs of this business. Your photos will have the perfect resolution and quality, so that the emails do not get too big. Large photos, videos or media files can also be stored on the server and a link would be placed inside the Mailing. It will load as the customer opens your message.
The design process offers the possibility of a Preview, which allows to examine how your email will be displayed on different browsers and mobile phones.
Optimized Sending
To avoid Emails being blocked by spam filters, the Sending Engine can email messages out optimized in phases. As you know, the best designed email will be useless if it does not arrive! Our Email Marketing System knows what the best time of the day is to deliver emails, so that they will be read. This know how is provided by the anonymous analysis of millions of emails that are sent worldwide through this platform and how readers react to marketing emails in certain industries.
Personalized Emails
It is statistically proven that marketing emails with a personal salutation get read more frequently and pass spam filters better than anonymous emails. We send our Emails with “Dear Michael Smith”, or “Hey John” or whatever salutation is preferred by your company.
Activity Tracking
You can track who opened your email, who clicked on a link and who ordered something in your Web Shop.  All of this can be viewed with the click of a button.


  • Ready to Buy Now 3% 3%
  • Will Eventually Buy 47% 47%
  • Will Never Buy 50% 50%

The 3 / 47 / 50 Rule

  • 3% of its visitors are ready to buy now
  • 47% are not ready to buy, but they will buy in the future
  • 50% of visitors will never buy something, no matter what you do

Most online sellers concentrate on the 3% and let the remaining 97% out of sight. Email Marketing provides an efficient means to reach  the 47%, which will increase your business in the near future. At the same time you are watering the 3% to give them the confidence to buy again from you.

How does an email marketing solution work for me?

We will initially configure the E-Mail Marketing System as standalone online system for you. We will load your current Mailing list if you have one and go through the first campaign together. The best solution is for the Email Marketing System to be integrated into your website and Facebook page. This is definitely recommended, if you operate a Web Shop. We can run the Email Marketing on your behalf completely and run the most effective strategy with each campaign, as to maximize ROI or you can decide to run the campaigns yourself – it’s a pretty down to earth process.

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Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of direct communication between a brand and its customers, It is the leading generator of ROI over any other type of direct marketing and can be used for multiple use cases, including promotions, informational content, social sharing, relationship management and more.
Seamas Egan

Manager of Revenue Operations for Campaigner

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