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Many marketing E-Mails that clog up your inbox daily, promise to bring you thousands of new and wonderful leads. Most of these leads are useless because they are a random collection of users off social media: They may live in the wrong country, be in the wrong segment and have no interest at all in your services and products. 

SeriousWeb creates tools that integrate nicely into your website that will generate the exact leads you are interested in. In fact you can filter through every aspect you wish to know about your visitors and create a list of exact matches to your perfect customer profile. This helps you filter out unwanted clients and focus on the ones with the most prospect of high returns.

Example Lead Generation Form

Below are the screenshots of a Real Estate Property Valuation Wizard:  a smart multi-step form that collects all the relevant information from potential clients about a property they wish to buy or sell. In the last step they will enter their contact information which is emailed directly to you or inserted into your CRM system, so your sales staff can follow up immediately. 

Offering a free property valuation is the bait the teaser the lure for which the visitor gladly trades his contact information.

Of course this is no game and it only works if you offer a real value with a low commitment (signing up for your newsletter or giving your their contact info).  

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