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Swiss quality Web design

Why do I need a new Web design by SeriousWeb?

Does your current web site contain outdated information, is it too complicated to make your own modifications?

  • Our Web pages are based on a modern platform which allows to professionally present your latest news and product information and to update that information regularly and quickly in a simple manner. We love to train you if necessary.

You’re not getting a whole lot of new customers, nor positive feedback and interaction with current customers is rather scarce? 

  • We build a system that allows for your customer base to be expanded continuously: with targeted advertising, newsletters and direct marketing. We bring the strategy and tools to improve customer loyalty and generate repeat business.

You’re complaining about the big competition on the Internet, while not doing anything about it and your sales have stagnated or are even declining?

  • With little effort, you can create an appealing web shop, thus breaking away from the competition and presenting your services and products on the Internet. You’re much closer to the goal to bring customers to your local shop. The latest trends such as advertising in your community on Facebook are familiar to us.

You spend much time on the phone and get interrupted by calls while trying to concentrate on your work, to schedule, change or cancel appointments? Appointment scheduling and organizing staff calendars takes too much of your time?

  • With our Appointment Scheduler module, visitors to your website can find available dates themselves and book your services online as well as pay for the appointment right away. If a customer needs to modify an appointment, he can do this without your intervention – you set the rules for this!

Is your existing Web site no longer appealing, outdated and little visited?

  • Our Web design builds on the latest and the most popular platform, offering a safe investment for years into the future. If you decide to change the look and feel of your site in a couple of years, it will be much less effort and no need to start from scratch again. We know the tricks of the search engines (SEO) and make sure that new visitors end up on your Web site.

Have you already tried yourself to build a nice website for your business and have stopped halfway? Does all the technical jargon in these do-it-yourself-kits and the overwhelming amount of errors, drive you to the brink of despair?

  • At SeriousWeb we take care of the technical and complex things in life, so that You can devote yourself to day-to-day business. In collaboration with us you save yourself from much trouble and can focus your energy to income generating customer projects.

You spend lots of time on Facebook and social media, to build a network, but your efforts translate very poorly into cash?

  • Seek advice on how to most efficiently focus your resources, to generate new business

To invest in a clever and strategically well thought through Web Presence pays off nowadays more than ever. Let us help you to be more successful in Your Business!


Responsive design

Your website will shine elegantly and clearly on a wide variety of devices: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android… Whoever is surfing your site with a Smartphone or iPad and turns it, will receives the page in the correct format immediately.

Did you know that people spend 3 hours per day on average on their phone? More and more purchases are done directly from the mobile phone. The company who does not tailor their website for smartphones has already lost from the start.

  • Simply Brilliant 92% 92%
  • very flexible 82% 82%
  • …and appealing 87% 87%
Our Strengths
  • Our Web Design is professional, efficient and tailored to your needs
  • We elaborate a concept with you – no quick fixes from the can
  • Your contents will be presented attractively in images, words, and other media
  • Your appearance will be neat and with your style – we adapt to your corporate design, logo and style
  • The clearly structured administration area allows for quick editing of content
  • Responsive design – so that your customers can benefit from your web site also when they are browsing on the phone
  • Google and other search engines refer visitors to your site – because we know their tricks
  • We use the latest technology, so that your visitors’s experience is safe and fast
  • An open platform leaves all options for expansion in the future open
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