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We take the success of your Business serious! We don’t offer canned web pages- but we build personalized sites that successfully market your products and services. Your success is our success. Serious.

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Consulting in Online Marketing

We have the experience in Online Marketing to bring you new customers and we have the technical infrastructure and know-how, to help your small or medium-sized company get ahead of the game. We are serious about your success!



We are a Texas based Online Marketing Consulting Company with a Web Design studio. We offer Swiss Quality work at very reasonable prices! We take Web Design  serious to help increase your business at every level.

We want to help you build a strong customer base, generate repeat business and boost your sales with Online Marketing. Look at our product portfolio, contact us for an initial consultation and then relax while we take care of everything else. We always have brilliant ideas to help meet your goals! Seriously.

Marketing Strategy

The goal for your company should be to raise brand awareness, enhance customer connection and ultimately to strengthen sales.

Too often, entrepreneurs tackle individual areas such as Web page, advertising, search engine optimization, email newsletters and Facebook separately. This is a big mistake. It’s vital to take a good look at the big picture!

Benefit from a 360° consulting opportunity to ensure your marketing efforts play together harmoniously and get you more revenue per dollar spent on advertising!

Quality Web Design

Do you want a professional Web presence for your business without spending a lot of time and money? You are not in the mood to deal with all the technical stuff neither have you the time to learn dozens of tools yourself, only to end up creating a half-baked web site that nobody can find on the internet? Let the professionals handle it for you and dedicate your energy to the things you are best at!

We are proficient in Graphic Design and Web Design, understanding quite a bit of Online Marketing. Let us build your customized Web Solution delivered with our usual unbeatable Swiss Quality, with quick turn-around time and at a very competitive price.

Email Marketing

Integrate a professional Email Marketing System on your web site so potential customers can sign up for newsletter and product updates.

Track the success of your Marketing Campaign in real time by seeing which customers open their emails, who makes purchases, and from where in the world all this is done. Stay connected with people who buy from your WebShop or visit your FaceBook page.

With this platform, you will know your customers and their behaviour better which will allows for generating more repeat business.

Online Sales

Increase your sales with an Online Marketing Strategy that is tailored to your business. Your success could start with a new WebShop which is cleverly integrated into this strategy! You provide the product descriptions and nice photos so we can create those in the system.

A great product presentation to trigger sales, customer invoicing, postage and tax calculation as well as different payment options are part of the solution.

Everything is managed on a secure server in Switzerland, you keep absolute control of your data.

Let us help you!

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