Online Marketing Confusion?

Written by Daniel Städeli

15. September 2016

The latest and greatest Marketing Buzz Words can sometimes make us feel overwhelmed: Contextual Marketing, Social Persona, Search Engine Marketing, Cost per Click, Social Media Sentiment Analysis, Geotargeting, and many more. Savy Marketing Gurus come up with new terminology almost daily to try and sell us new tools and new services promising to boost our sales.

How in the world is the fittest Entrepreneur supposed to know what all this means and how to take advantage of it? Are you really missing out on something if your Online Setup is not tuned to these new concepts?

We believe you need to consider every option to increase the chances of selling more of your products – online or in the store – to bring more customers to your local store and to get your brand know to the ends of the earth. And if this includes the latest Marketing fad – then let’s use it to our benefit!

We want to partner with you. Schedule your online appointment today to get started! The cost is $120 for a 30 minute phone consulting session. This amount will be credited to you if you start any Web Design or Marketing project with us. Mention coupon code TODAY25OFF to get an additional $25 off!

I want to get started!

In the same way that we may not be experts on every detail of your business you can’t be expected to know the ins and outs of Online Marketing Techniques. That’s why it is important to find the right Partner; someone you can trust with your marketing needs, someone who can take on your project holistically, who understands the Marketing World as well as having the technical expertise to implement it accordingly. To goal is that people get the message: Your Product Rocks and your Company has a unique place to fulfill the needs of customers. If it translates into more revenue for you it will be a win-win for both of us.

Contact us today to start an Amazing Journey together!


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